Great-Grandma Smith

My name is Rosalie Smith and as long as I could remember I was a slave.
My parents were slaves on a little Farm in Louisiana, but my mother died a few days after my birth in the year 1833, because our master didn’t give her any time to recuperate. So my father was responsible for my education. Miss Allistor, the wife of our master, was a teacher and cater for my schooling, which was absolute unusual. Since I was six, I work the day in the crops and in the evening, I learned with Miss Allistor, so a grow up to a smart girl. I was 13 when the old Miss Allistor died, since this day on her sons were in charge of the farm. They were very strict and so we had to work nearly 16 hours a day. One time I was cooking some food and I burnt the chicken soup, the masters started to hit me, until my father interfered. He was always there for me and I cared for him as good as I could, when my father contracted tuberculosis.  In the age of 59, my father was very weak and died.
In 1861 was a war between the north and the south. The north tried to help the slaves to get free, but it wasn’t so easy, because the south was absolutely against this plans. When I was 30 and the war already lasted 2 years, I gor really sick and thought I had to die, but the Allistors didn’t care. Then came the night I will never forget. When I lay in my bed, thinking about what’s after life, Jim, another slave of the Allistors, came into my room and shouted that we were free, finally. I saw a twinkle in his eyes that has been there never before, that was the day I fell in love with him. This relief was my saving, because I could search for a doctor to get medicine. Jim and I moved to Chicago, where we married, because I got pregnant. Although we were free, we have no rights. I swore myself that I would never work on a crop again, but this was a promise I couldn’t keep. Based on the missing rights, we had only the chance to work as  sharecroppers to get by. Due to the schooling of Miss Allistor, I could give my son Abraham some wisdom’s on the way . We had to give half of our harvest to the white landowner Luigi,  so the harvest was barely sufficient to survive on.  We don’t have a lot of money, but we are free and that’s what matters.


South Africa’s hopes & expectations going along with the world championship

“We must go to the World Cup with expectations because we have players who are in the important leagues along with other players from the elite teams,” coach Oscar Tabarez said in a recent interview with Reuters.

Expectations may not be sky-high, but getting out of their group will be demanded. ” We have to do well, we need to get to the quarter-final”, captian Aaron Mokoena stated.

=> Do the exercises and evaluate them: are they a suitable training possibility?

I think the exercises are suitable, because there are different levels of difficulty, which make it easier to get into the grammar.
The exercises are very comprehensive and diversified, thereby you can train your individual language problem.

Postman’s criticism of television

–  main occupation of people, spend too much time
–  has become main culture(what about other cultural stuff)
– creates a commmunity of it’s own: people get lonely in front of the TV
– TV is a surrogate for church
– people only believe what they see on TV


– Makes people dumb and dumber

Social networks

How important is a social network for me? Which one do I use or think about using next? Why, reasons?

Social networks are very important to me, because I like it to be still in contact with my friends.
I use Morphex, Schuelervz und facebook. Morphex I use for my friends in my surroundings, Schuelervz  for
my friends I met in holiday, because they don’t have Morphex. And facebook I only have just for fun, because I like the tests and
the games a lot, but I don’t write with my friends there. I don’t want to have more networks, because it is stressful to write with so many people
in so many different networks.

Analysis of “labor shortage”

The article describes the shape in Haiti after the earthquake. It has a short headline and a short subtitle, where the main facts are written.The article isn’t uncommitted, because of f.e. verbs like “grim” in the sentence “Others faced the grim realization[…]”, which gives the reader an understanding of the sight from the author. By listing some destinies like from Manuchka, the article becomes more dramatic and more approachable for the reader. The statistics and quotes make the article more believable and it seems good researched. The text is easy to understand, because of the diction and the short sentences. Despite all that, the article is a little bit verbose, which is probably down to the retry of the main facts.

Brangelina: Seperation – Only gossip or ugly truth?

Since a few days, there are rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are seperated. They don’t give a comment to this gossip, but it seems so real. 
On Friday, Brangelina were on a restaurant and a few guests told: ” They discuss about their children and how to handle the separation .” After this dinner, they weren’t seen in public anymore. But why does it ends? Friends of the couple said: ” Since her mom is dead, Angelina has deep depressions and a lot of tantrums. Brad told Angelina to go to a psychologist, but she won’t.” Although, it’s not a secret that Brad and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are still in contact, which makes Angelina angry as well. Although, since a few month there are a lot of rumors about a separation, but this time it seems like it’s over at all. A mud-slinging is completely out of the question, because of their six children.